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Why Choose Ibex?

When you are paying somebody for a job, you want to know the job is being done right, especially if it has been done badly before. At Ibex, we offer a level of care and professionalism that we feel other shops like ours simply do not.

Our repair engineers are Microsoft Certified, so you know they will give you a professional, lasting solution. Our workshop is fitted with the latest networking, computing and repair equipment, so our work is carried out as quickly as possible. Our backup system keeps your data password protected, encrypted, and in two separate locations so it is as safe as it can possibly be. Why? Because we don't like being messed around, so why would you?

You don't want to be waiting forever to get you device back, or bringing it back in because the problem isn't solved. And you definitely don't want any of your memories to go missing because the correct care wasn't taken when looking after your files.

But don't worry about all of this coming with a hefty price tag. All of our prices are competitive, we offer No Fix No Fee, Price Matching and a 10% discount for students. This is because we believe that high quality service should be standard, and not a paid for extra.

If you would like some more information on how we work, please visit our About Us page.

Meet The "Team"


Max - Engineer


Also Max - Customer Service

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