Ibex Tech Centre LTD was set up with a mission to combine high quality service with a quick turn around, all at a reasonable price.
I.T repair shops are everywhere, with new ones popping up all of the time. So why choose Ibex over these other places?
Ibex operate with a level of care and professionalism other providers do not match. Our Technician is a Microsoft Qualified engineer, and we have set up with enterprise level solutions, bringing new levels of care and service to the Home I.T sector.


When we backup your device, we take a full backup image of the system. This isn't just a backup of the files on your device, but a clone of the exact system state at the time you left it with us. This means that whatever happens after that point, we can restore it back to the way it was when you walked in through the door.
All backups are replicated to an offsite location, meaning that even if a meteor were to fall from the sky and destroy the shop, your data would be safe. We also offer a free service which involves storing the backup for 1 month after you collect the device from us, so if you are unhappy with any of the changes made, you notice something is missing, or something happens to your device, then all is not lost. If you do not want this service then the data will be deleted at closing time of that working day. All backups are encrypted, and at any time you can request to see the "Last Access" date of the backup image files so you can be assured your data has been handled with the correct level of care.


At Ibex, we are happy to price match any written quote from a store within 10 miles. That being said, all of our prices are competitive, and are matched fairly to the work being carried out. You can see most of them on our Price List here, and if the repair you require is not listed then contact us or come in store to request a price. All repairs are no fix, no fee.
We have tried to make our Price List as extensive as possible but as you can appreciate, there are a lot of different devices and only so much time. All new repairs are added to the Price List so we can build it up over time and offer as much transparency with our pricing as possible. Also, 10% student discount.


When it comes to replacement parts, you need to make sure that the replacements which are being supplied are quality parts. All of our parts are branded, so you know they can be trusted, and brand new, so you know that they will last. When you collect your device, we will always offer you the original packaging for the part you have received should you need it for future reference, though warranty requests can be dealt with through ourselves for your ease.
We also offer second hand and refurbished parts at a reduced price. These parts have been tested, though as you would expect, due to the fact we cannot verify the time or extent of their previous use, the parts will come with no guarantee.


When you drop off an item, you want it repaired and back in your hands as soon as possible, and so do we! That is why we have invested in high end tools and equipment to make sure all repairs are completed in the quickest possible time. We also have an enterprise level computing infrastructure for running our day to day operations, far beyond other shops of our kind, ensuring we are ready to work with no delays.