If the repair you are looking for isn't listed, it doesn't mean we don't offer that repair. Just Contact Us and ask us about it.
A FULL Backup of every device is taken before ANY work is carried out, so your data is always safe.

Reinstallation Of Mac OS  -  £50 + £10 For Backup

This is the best way to bring your Mac back up to speed. Before reinstalling, we will check whether your Mac is eligible for an OS upgrade and if you would like us to upgrade you during the reinstallation process. After your chosen OS version has been reinstalled, we install all available Updates, including Firmware updates. We then return the User Data and optimise the Start-Up process.

Internal Cleanout  -  £50

If your fans are clogged with dust it can cause your computer to overheat and switch off randomly, or simply make the fans very noisy. When we clean out your Mac Pro, we don't just use a hoover or blast it with compressed air. We take the time to remove all of the components to clean them, and the case, individually. We also reapply Thermal Paste to the CPU (Processor). Thermal Paste is a compound designed to aid in heat transfer between your processor and the Heatsink - The metal through which the heat is dispersed. This paste is applied when you first buy the Mac, but can dry up if it has been regularly overheating.

Fitting and Testing a Part  -  £25 + The Cost Of The Part

This applies to any part which requires replacing or upgrading in a Mac Pro. All parts we fit are fully tested to ensure compatibility with your system. For any additional parts, please add £5 per part to the Fitting and Testing price. You can look for the part you require in our Shop, or feel free to provide your own part if you have already sourced/bought it.

Diagnostic Charge  -  £35

If your Mac exhibits a fault which has multiple potential causes, for example if it turns on but there is nothing on the screen, then we will need to diagnose this issue to find out the cause. This means a repair would cost you £35, plus the cost of parts and fitting, should those be needed. We will confirm any change in the price due to parts before any further work is carried out. If you decide not the have the Mac repaired then there is no charge, but diagnostic information will not be shared.

Hard Drive Migration  -  £30 + The Cost Of The Hard Drive

If you are moving to a larger Hard Drive, or fitting a newer, faster Solid State Drive, then you don't want the hassle of setting up your system all over again. We offer a service which clones your old drive to your new drive. We will then fit the new drive and test it to make sure your system is still functioning well after the transfer. You can continue from exactly where you left off with everything where it was. You can look for a new drive in our Shop, or feel free to provide your own drive if you have already sourced/bought it.

Data Recovery  -  £50 and Upwards

When it comes to Data Recovery, the price is £50 for Hard Drives which haven't been physically damaged. If they have been physically damaged then the price increases based on the amount of damage which has been done, along with the size, type and age of the drive. We will quote once we know the methods we will need to use when retrieving the data, but if no data can be recovered there will be no charge, even after the work has been carried out. Turnaround time is longer for damaged drives, sometimes up to 2 weeks.

Password Removal/Decryption -  £30

We cannot recover the passwords of online accounts, though we may be able to advise you on how to recover these yourself. This service is for if you have forgotten a password you used to lock a computer, a Hard Drive or USB drive, or a file or folder. In order for us to carry out this service you must provide proof that you are the owner of the property we will be unlocking. This may be a lengthy process, taking days to weeks for completion, though there is of course no charge if the password cannot be obtained.